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My Animal Print Chairs – A Quick Makeover

My Animal Print Chairs - A Quick Makeover Last week I spontaneously decided to refinish a pair of chairs I grabbed at a yard sale a couple years ago. They’ve been collecting dust in our garage and taking up space (Emmett has been beginning me to move them or get rid of them). We’ve been shuffling furniture in our home and office space, so when I needed a couple extra chairs- I pulled these from our garage. They needed some serious help though. I’m pretty sure they were headed for the dumpster before I saved them at the yard sale. Click through to see the before & after, how they evolved, and I’ll link some of my furniture and upholstery tutorials within this post as well! You can also watch the chair makeover saga in video form hereContinue Reading

Guide for Choosing the Right Paint Tools for the Job -
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How to Choose the Right Brush or Roller

Last October, I shared some of my favorite pro painting tips while we were working on the guest room, and received lots of positive feedback. I’m happy that was such a helpful post and I thought it might be…