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Goals for My Outdoor Living Areas

Goals for My Outdoor Living Areas - Happy Friday! I originally published this post in April 2019, and it has been fun to see what items we’ve crossed off the list since posting this! My plans remain the same and next month we’ll be getting a new roof, so my brain is back on exterior design and improvements. At this point, we had only been living in our home for four months.

I’m pretty sure spring is finally here in Utah. You can never get too excited too soon because one minute it snows, then it’s 70 and sunny, then it rains,…you get the point. This nice weather has been super distracting. Even though there is plenty to keep me busy with our kitchen renovation, the only thing my brain wants to think about is our outdoor living areas. It has been really fun to see what type of landscaping is growing and blooming. Since we moved in December, we weren’t really sure what the landscaping situation would look like at our new house until spring. We spent last weekend cleaning everything up, raking, pulling out dead plants, and mulching. Things are looking really good and the potential has me very excited! I wanted to talk through my hopes, short term goals, long term goals, and what you can expect to see in regards to our outdoor living spaces this spring. Click through to read all about it and see how things currently look (before we mess with it)! Continue Reading