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Organizing, Stocking, & Styling The Kitchenette

Organizing & Shelf Styling The Kitchenette - Just over a year ago, I shared our finished kitchenette remodel at our Tuesday Made office. We took a chance and decided to pull together a budget-friendly makeover before we even launched, in an effort to make our office feel a bit happier. While the little space looks pretty charming (if I do say so myself), I never took the time to properly stock our kitchenette. One year later, I decided it was time to put down some roots (aka- commit to buying flatware and actual plates) and create a better functioning work environment. Click through for some of my favorite kitchen organizational tools, budget-friendly small appliances, and to see how the updated shelf styling turned out. If you haven’t peeked into our Tuesday Made space in a bit, I hope you enjoy this scrolling kitchen tour! Continue Reading

Refrigerator (& Kitchen) Organization -
diy projects

Refrigerator (& Kitchen) Organization

Yesterday was gloomy and rainy, so I decided to get organized in the kitchen. It felt like a good rainy day project! A couple weeks ago, I ordered a bunch of organizational containers for our fridge. After sharing a…

Form vs Function : Entryway Edition -
interiors & styling

Form vs Function : Entryway Edition

Hey guys, how are you hanging in there? I’m ready to kick off the week with a positive attitude! I’m back with another post on form versus function, since the bathroom storage edition was such a big hit last…

Form vs Function : Bath Storage Edition -
interiors & styling

Form vs Function : Bath Storage Edition

Happy Friday, friends! I had an idea for a new blog series… form versus function. All this work on the bathrooms throughout our home has me dreaming of finished spaces. I thought I’d talk through an important element of…

Roundup : 2020 Planners -
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Roundup : 2020 Planners

At the beginning of each year, I really enjoy starting a fresh planner. I’m the type of gal who likes to list make and write everything down- in addition to keeping a digital calendar. For those of you organized people…