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Amazon Finds : Closet Organization

Amazon Finds : Closet Organization - After having to remove everything from our bedroom closets for our carpet installation last week, Emmett & I decided it was the perfect opportunity to purge, donate, and really organize our bedroom closets. We have four bedrooms upstairs… our primary bedroom, and three guest spaces. I took the primary closet upon moving in, Emmett claimed the closet in the nearest bedroom, one guest closet has accumulated a lot of our adventure & travel gear (scuba items, luggage, sleeping bags, etc), and the fourth closet is completely empty for guests to use. While we have plenty of storage space, our goal certainly isn’t to fill every closet. We try to be very intentional about the items we purchase and bring into our home. Every once in awhile, it’s good to take inventory, make donations, and evaluate how we can better organize the things we use on a regular basis. As you probably guessed, that led me to look for a few new bins, baskets, and drawer organizers over the weekend. If you’re also in an organizational mood this month and are looking to tackle your closets, click through for some helpful closet organization tools I found on AmazonContinue Reading

Roundup : 2023 Planners -

Roundup : 2023 Planners

Happy Friday, friends! If you’ve been around here for awhile, you already know I live for organization and can’t go without my planner. It’s basically an extension of my brain. This time of year, I always look forward to…

Refrigerator (& Kitchen) Organization -
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Refrigerator (& Kitchen) Organization

Yesterday was gloomy and rainy, so I decided to get organized in the kitchen. It felt like a good rainy day project! A couple weeks ago, I ordered a bunch of organizational containers for our fridge. After sharing a…

Form vs Function : Entryway Edition -
interiors & styling

Form vs Function : Entryway Edition

Hey guys, how are you hanging in there? I’m ready to kick off the week with a positive attitude! I’m back with another post on form versus function, since the bathroom storage edition was such a big hit last…