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5 Things Every Home Office Needs

5 Things Every Home Office Needs - As students are heading back to school, I always enjoy getting organized during the “back to school” season.. even though I’m no longer a student or have children of my own to send off. I always take this time of year as an opportunity to clean, organize, refresh my home, update my wardrobe, and get my ducks in row. Over the weekend, I cleaned and organized my home office, which got me thinking… it has been five months since I moved into my newly renovated home office. Time flies! I have to say, it has been a dream working in this space everyday. I feel very fortunate to have a functional space I love! As of now, I can honestly say there isn’t a single thing I would change, in regards to design, functionality, and layout. I thought it may be helpful to share five things I really pushed for and solved in my home workspace. Perhaps some of these aren’t things you would necessarily add to the top of your list when designing an office, but they’ve been a game changer for me. I think a few of these are often overlooked. Click through for 5 things every home office needs, and how I use them in my own space on the daily…  Continue Reading

Roundup : Stationery -

Roundup : Stationery

I hope everyone’s week is off to a lovely start. Today we’re talking about one of my favorite things- stationery and desk supplies! With a background in print design, I’ve always had a deep love and strong appreciate for…