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July Moodboard

Ok, ok… I know what you’re thinking when you scroll through this post. White?! What a snoozefest. I know we’re all kind of over bright white, monochromatic spaces, BUT hear me out… this white moodboard is anything but boring or basic. White textural decor and accessories can really play up the color in your home. Actually, I kind of look at white home decor as an opportunity to go crazy with color elsewhere. It’s really the most versatile! Click through to see what I found- there are lots & lots of good things this month. Everything feels light, breezy, and bright for the long, hot days of summer. After all- some of my favorite classic staples are white: dishes, bath towels, lighting, etc.  Continue Reading

November Moodboard - Warm White /
interiors & styling

November Moodboard

Typically coming into Thanksgiving and November, I crave all of the moody burgundy, red, and burnt orange colors- but this year I’m gravitating toward warmer neutrals. I’m not sure if I’m longing for a sense of calm, or just…