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Tips for Making a Cold Bathroom Feel Cozy

Tips for Making a Cold Bathroom Feel Cozy - Does anyone have a bathroom that feels cold year round? My first recollection of this was at my grandmother’s house growing up- she had a bathroom that always felt cool, no matter the season. That reminiscent cold bathroom feeling came back when we moved into our current home. Our basement bath always felt too cool to me. It wasn’t a bathroom I ever wanted to use because it was cold and uninviting. This can occur when a bathroom is located in a specific area of your home- whether it’s north facing, in a dreary basement, has a bad draft, a large window, is lacking proper insulation, or is situated on an exterior wall, these can all contribute to a less than favorable temperature. Luckily, there are plenty of tricks to make those cold bathrooms feel cozy, and that’s exactly what we did when recently renovating our basement bath! Click through for my best tips for making a cold bathroom feel cozy… in terms of temperature AND design. Continue Reading