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No Makeup Home Tour

No Makeup Home Tour -

I’m still not quite sure how I ended up in this ‘real life’ home tour amongst amazingly talented bloggers (I sort of feel like the little lady who doesn’t belong, ha)… but I’m honored to be in the mix and share something raw, realistic, and DIFFERENT. Kyla, my pal (and the brains behind House of Hipsters), started this tour to give readers an accurate depiction of what design bloggers’ homes actually look like on the day-to-day. It’s pretty brilliant! Let’s face it- most of our typical shots, insta-worthy images, and posts are styled to the nines and we don’t show the mess that’s happening behind the scenes. I’m excited for you to step into my entire home (even the unfinished rooms), as well as the other participants, and take a look at what real life actually looks like. Click through for my “no makeup” home tour…

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