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Your Millwork Questions Answered (a Q&A)

Your Millwork Questions Answered (a Q&A) - Awhile back, I asked everyone to submit their burning millwork questions, and you did not disappoint! In fact, I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of messages and comments I received. I figured the best way to respond to everyone’s amazing questions was with a Q&A blog post, since many were repeats. I’m cramming as many helpful answers as I can into this one, but also know that I’ve added a handful of detailed, in-depth millwork posts to the blog calendar. Click through for a BIG rapid-fire millwork Q&A… I hope it’s helpful!  Continue Reading

How to Install Panel Moulding -
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How to Install Panel Moulding

Have you ever been drawn to a room, but can’t quite figure out what exactly it is you like about it? It just feels nice? Often times that “feeling” is millwork that presents the perfect backdrop for an interior…

My Thoughts On Moulding & Millwork -
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My Thoughts On Moulding & Millwork

Moulding and millwork make a HUGE difference in a home- especially when your house is pretty basic or architecturally uninteresting (like mine). It’s an easy way to add personality, depth, and highlight specific areas throughout your home. It also makes your a…

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Paneled Bi-Fold Closet Door DIY

  Since my closet post and guest room feature, I’ve had a lot of people ask for a tutorial on paneled bi-fold closet doors. In hindsight, I would’ve taken very specific images during construction to document the process. Unfortunately, during…