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Pumpkin Mookies It’s sort of been a crazy couple weeks making the transition West and moving into our new home. Luckily the time difference is only 2 hours, but the part that has been most challenging is the condition of our new home. Moving is stressful in general, and even though this place will eventually be amazing- it feels like a kick in the pants, as we are temporarily downgrading. I’ve been bleaching the floors, kitchen, and bathroom, while simultaneously unpacking and struggling to squeeze everything that once lived in our garage into the house. It’s been cramped, chaotic, and as always we’ve run into roadblocks already. The bathroom faucet broke, the hot water wouldn’t work, and until Emmett can begin reworking the electrical… I’m trying to figure out how to plug in my office equipment because there aren’t many 3 prong outlets in the house. Ha! Luckily I’m finding comedic relief in all the faux pas, because really what else can you do? Continue Reading

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Pumpkin Mookies

I’m about to give you the easiest pumpkin recipe of the season and trust me, just because it’s simple doesn’t mean the taste is compromised. Three ingredients- here you go! Last year, this was my “go to” fall indulgence. With only 3…