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S’more Cupcakes


Last weekend, Kalyn and I went on our annual camping trip with two of our closest friends. Aside from canoeing and hiking, we did a lot of s’more eating. It’s criminal to have a campfire and not make one; the tradition has always been to eat one s’more each night of camping. On night one, just after eating our first s’mores, we took a quick hike. We’re talking fast- 20 minutes, tops. Upon returning to our campsite, we notice all of our s’more material is MIA! Yes- the grahams, the mallows, AND the chocolate. Continue Reading

food & recipes

Birthday Cake

Last month, I posted inspiration recipes for Kalyn’s birthday cake. I decided to set my goals high and make a tall layer cake; after all, you only turn 24 once! Chocolate malts are one of K’s favorites and I…