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Frozen Strawberry Margarita Recipe

Frozen Strawberry Margarita Recipe - Happy Friday, friends! Somehow the last cocktail recipe I shared was back in 2017(!), and after posting a quick IG story of my Memorial Day cocktail of choice last weekend, the recipe requests came flooding in. You guys know I’m picky about my margaritas. My summer pitcher margaritas are always a crowd-pleasing request, but I felt like shaking things up last weekend. We haven’t been able to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurants for months and after a lengthy phone conversation with my sister (who lives in Ohio), I learned that you can ORDER MARGARITAS WITH CARRYOUT in certain states?! That would never fly here in Utah, but I figured a good option was to order carryout and make my own marg for the holiday weekend… so that’s exactly what Emmett & I did. Click through for my quick and easy frozen strawberry margarita recipe, if you’re also craving those big ones from the best Mexican restaurants (minus the added the sugar and probably a little more tequila)Continue Reading