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Marble Maintenance & The Truth About Natural Stone

Marble Maintenance & The Truth About Natural Stone - I get this question ALL the time, “Why marble, when you can install a look alike product- such as quartz?” For some reason, marble and natural stone gets a bad rep and seems like a scary investment to a lot of homeowners. It etches, it stains, it can be scratched, it changes over time, and naturally patinas as it ages. All of those things sound intimidating, but they’re honestly a big part of why I personally love using natural stone throughout our home. I’ll be the first to say- it’s not for everyone, but I wanted to provide you with a helpful post to weigh the pros, cons, and make an educated decision for yourself! Click through for my thoughts on natural stone, how I live with it on a daily basis, facts (the negative AND positive), and how I care for it- including marble maintenance. I’ve also got a fun quiz at the end of the post for you to take!  Continue Reading