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Formal Living Room Updates

Formal Living Room Updates - We’ve officially lived with our “finished” or renovated formal living room for over a year now. I really wouldn’t change anything, which says a lot because that space sees a ton of use! I feel like our house has been in a state of flux these past few months. I’m moving everything out of my home office so we can begin demo, we’ve been shuffling things around to setup a temporary workspace, and we’ve also been trying to furnish our office building, as we’ve been spending a lot of time over there lately. Basically, our furniture has been shifting and we added a few new pieces to the mix recently- which ended up in our formal living room. It’s looking pretty different around here, so I figured an updated blog post was in order. Click through for all of the formal living room updates, to get the sources, and to see how it looks today!  Continue Reading

Living Room Update - Room for Tuesday
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Living Room Update

It’s been just over a year since we “finished” our living room, but in my house– is anything ever really finished? I’m constantly moving things around and keeping an eye out for furniture and decor that fits well into…