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DIY Cordless Plaster Lamp

DIY Cordless Plaster Lamp - I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend! Did you see our surprise visitors on IG stories? They drove 10 hours to see us and hang out for the weekend! Laurie Anne actually had an Alaska trip planned this month, too… although not with us, and we were bummed about missing our vacations. Since we’ve both been social distancing, we decided to make the most of the holiday weekend at home together. She called me Thursday night and said, “We’re driving up to visit!” To which I replied, “NOW?!” Haha! It was very spontaneous and as you might imagine, we didn’t get much accomplished on our house projects. Our house guests are actually still here.¬†Anyway- as promised, I’ve got the lamp DIY for you today! It turned out so great. I’ve been wanting to plaster something for awhile now. I haven’t used the material for years (since art school), and after seeing my friend Jenny’s plaster lamp project, it motivated me to pull out my plaster mix. Click through for the tutorial!

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