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10 Posts for Those Who Love Plants & Gardening

10 Posts for Those Who Love Plants & Gardening - I have been in SUCH a gardening mood lately. Since we’ve been stuck at home, the only place I want to be is outside… in our yard, working on the patio, in our new little garden (more on that soon!), on the front porch (pictured above), on the balcony, walking the dogs, taking a ride in our RZR (lots of people in our community have these instead of golf carts because mountain living)– basically anywhere there is sunshine and fresh air, that’s where I want to be. Is anyone else in the same mindset these days? The weather has finally turned a corner here in Salt Lake, and I’m soaking up spring like it’s my job. I’ve compiled so many plants & gardening posts over the years, I thought it would be fun to compile my top 10 favorites… the ones I keep coming back to, time-and-time again to reference. If you’re someone who loves plants & gardening, or are just wanting to spend more time outside, click through for 10 inspiring posts and DIY projects to try! I’ve also got more coming this spring. I’m currently dreaming up some exciting exterior plans & projects, and some of them will happen sooner rather than later (a garage trellis DIY, some mini exterior makeovers, our small urban garden reveal, hiding the HVAC units, etc). You’ll have to check back for those. In the meantime, here are 10 good ones to get you going… Continue Reading