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Roundup : Non Permanent Kitchen Islands

Roundup : Non Permanent Kitchen Islands - I’ve been on the hunt for a non permanent kitchen island, table, or more substantial cart for awhile now and haven’t quite felt like committing. When renovating our kitchen, we had plenty of storage and given the footprint, there was really no need or space for a permanent kitchen island. It wasn’t something that fit my plan. Instead, I envisioned holding out for a vintage cart, French pastry table, or skinny table that could accommodate some cookbooks with room on top for food prep, if needed. Shortly after our renovation was finished, I bought our little mobile cart, gave it a makeover, and it has been living in our kitchen ever since. I love the cart and it gets used all the time, but still long for something a little bit larger that better fits the floor plan (a longer, rectangular or oval option). I’m still holding out for something vintage, but I think I’m close! I’ve been saving lots of beautiful options that I thought would be fun to share… click through to see some great non permanent kitchen island, table, & cart options.
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