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Design Eye Training : 108

Design Eye Training : 108 - It seems we’re long overdue for a Design Eye Training post. I really love this series and simple exercise to help hone our interior design skills. This is my eighth post in the series- it has been September since I last shared one of these posts. Too long! Today we’ll be analyzing and admiring a rustic and textural kitchen from a designer you may recognize from my last 10 Pins post… the talented, April Tomlin! Upon further research, I also found out this Nashville home (and gorgeous kitchen) belongs to Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akin– any country music fans around here? I really love how many materials are mixed throughout this space. Even though it’s a large, open concept room- it still feels warm and inviting. Click through to chat design with me!  Continue Reading

Roundup : Non Permanent Kitchen Islands -
interiors & styling

Roundup : Non Permanent Kitchen Islands

I’ve been on the hunt for a non permanent kitchen island, table, or more substantial cart for awhile now and haven’t quite felt like committing. When renovating our kitchen, we had plenty of storage and given the footprint, there…

Kitchen Design : Panel Ready Appliances -
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Kitchen Design : Panel Ready Appliances

A reader sent me a message last weekend asking if I had any blog posts that explain or share information on “panel ready” appliances in regards to kitchen design. I immediately went to look for links to share and…

Design Eye Training : 101 -
interiors & styling

Design Eye Training : 101

After reading many similar comments and messages over the years, you all gave me an idea for a new series… how to train your design eye! I love getting messages like, “It’s so interesting to see how you dissect…

Design Discussion : Countertop Space -
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Design Discussion : Countertop Space

It’s time for a new Design Discussion, and this one is another controversial home topic- countertop clutter. Maybe clutter is the wrong word, but let’s chat about what we feel is alright to leave out on the countertop, what…