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Kitchen Demo + A New Handy Tool

Kitchen Demo + A New Handy Tool - Last week I announced the next BIG project we’re tackling and everyone was really excited to hear it’s the kitchen. I’m right there with you!! We didn’t waste any time and got started on demo right away. Things are already looking VERY different! Click through to see what the space looks like now and to read about our MVP tool for demo, that we’ve found super useful for demo-ing “gently”. As I mentioned in our intro video diary, this time around we wanted to be as neat & clean as possible, and salvage as much as we could. This has really been a different kind of demo experience for us since the cabinets and appliances went to new homes. I wanted to share our Dremel oscillating tool because it came in super handy.  Continue Reading

Our Next Big Project : The Kitchen -
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Our Next Big Project : The Kitchen

If you follow along on Instagram, you found this out yesterday, but I’m excited to officially announce (here on the blog), our next BIG project…. the kitchen! Some of you guessed this when we put my office on hold…