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Spice Rack Organization DIY -
diy projects

Spice Rack Organization DIY

I realize this post may or may not be all that exciting to some of you, but for my fellow type-A personalities out there… I promised to share the links for my spice rack organization DIY. I’ve received a…

My Favorite Readymade Cabinetry Colors -
interiors & styling

My Favorite Readymade Cabinetry Colors

Obviously I’m knee deep in our kitchen renovation and have spent the past couple months planning every inch of the space. I wanted to touch on a topic I’m frequently asked about… cabinetry color. This time around I selected…

interiors & styling

The Return of the Wood Kitchen

Obviously I have all things kitchen on my brain with our current renovation, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share my reasoning in selecting¬†wood cabinetry for our home. Have you guys noticed wood materials resurfacing…