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Outdoor Succulent Planter DIY

Outdoor Succulent Planter DIY - Last summer we finished up our GIANT backyard renovation and got to enjoy it a month or two before the weather turned cold. I planted two large pots full of succulents and they really thrived, so I decided to do the exact same thing this year! This time around, I photographed my entire process in case any of you want to give this easy gardening DIY a try. If you live in a hot, dry climate like me… this planter of succulents does really well and is capable of withstanding the heat. It’s easy to keep alive and with every passing week, the succulents grow larger and begin spilling over the edge of the planter¬†(a look I absolutely love). Click through to see how this season’s compare to the ones I arranged last year, and to get the full tutorial. Continue Reading