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10 Dog Posts for Pet Lovers

10 Dog Posts for Pet Lovers - Happy Friday! I have a post packed with cuteness for you today. As you all know, Emmett and I are dog lovers through and though. That means our dogs are a big part of our lives and our home! We don’t have children and we consider our pups to be part of our family. This also means we find ourselves doing projects and tackling DIYs with our dogs in mind. After all, this is their house too! From designerly pet feeders to custom portraits of our dogs, I guess you could say we are “those” pet parents. Hence all the dog posts! I know many of you love your pups as much as we do, so I rounded up 10 of my favorite dog posts to highlight some of our favorite dog projects and pet-related posts from the past. Continue Reading

Noteworthy : Snow Day -


Happy Tuesday, friends! Yesterday, we (as in the dogs and myself) had the perfect snow day. We woke up to a BUNCH of snow and it continued to dump all day long. Emmett braved the snowstorm and still went…

Happy 4th of July! -

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July, friends! Emmett and I are traveling today and I’m taking the day off from the blog to spend time with family, but I’ll leave you with this cute photo of Crosby snuggled up in the…

Our Proudest Renovating Moments So Far -

Our Proudest Renovating Moments So Far

You guys asked for this post, so naturally- we wanted to deliver! Emmett and I shot a quick little, casual video to share our six proudest renovating moments so far. We plopped down onto the sofa in the guest…