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Design Eye Training : 101

Design Eye Training : 101 -

kitchen design : john b murray architect

After reading many similar comments and messages over the years, you all gave me an idea for a new series… how to train your design eye! I love getting messages like, “It’s so interesting to see how you dissect a space,” or “I never would’ve noticed that detail, but I’m definitely going to start, now that you pointed it out!” I’m all about sharing educational design knowledge I’ve acquired over the years, and this felt like it could be such a fun opportunity for a monthly or quarterly series (depending on how you like it). My advice for those looking to improve their design skills has always been practice- or consider a mentorship or additional design classes¬†(if you’re looking to practice on a professional level), so I thought this series would be a cool critique of sorts, that would be fun and beneficial for both interior design lovers and experts alike. Click through to dive in with me, and admire our first space together! Continue Reading