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Lions in Design

Lions in Design - Good day, design friends! Peggi here. Happy August! Summer has been especially scorching recently, so I hope you are maintaining your cool. Despite the disrespectful temperatures, I love August because it’s my birthday month! For a fun nod to Leo season, I thought we could discuss lions in design. We’ve already chatted snakes and birds, so why not the king of the jungle? Because lions symbolize courage, pride, and strength, their likeness boasts a long history of cultural and religious associations and numerous distinct forms. From subtle to bold, I found lions to suit every space and taste. Click through if you’d like to see how this stately beast might grace your home.

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Roundup : Sphere Base Table Lamps -
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Roundup : Sphere Base Table Lamps

On Monday, I shared a snippet of our Tuesday Made office on Instagram, along with my favorite tiny kitchen lamp for easy styling (pictured above). I ended up with a LOT of messages in regards to that little lamp……

Bold Marble &
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Bold Marble & Stone

Good day, design friends! Peggi here. Happy late spring, midweek, early June. Ha. I hope this Wednesday finds you well-rested and ready for whatever comes your way. As the title suggests, I’ve got bold marble and stone on the…