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Textile Updates in Our Bedroom

Textile Updates in Our Bedroom - Our primary bedroom had honestly seen better days. We haven’t touched the space since moving in (other than swapping the ceiling fan), and we won’t get around to renovating this room for awhile. Eventually this space will get new millwork, updated carpet, more character, probably a new set of doors and windows, and a bunch of other details I’m very excited about… but not this year. Things were looking pretty bleak in this space, as it had turned into a hodgepodge and mismatched collection of furniture and textiles these past six months. Emmett & I couldn’t seem to agree on bedding, he decided to swap his bedside lamp, and we had to shuffle furniture. The result was a bedroom that didn’t feel cohesive and it was bringing down my mood. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day last weekend, I decided to give the space a tiny textile makeover. Click through to read about it, see how the room has evolved, and get the sources. Our bedroom¬†is looking better for the time being! I’m a happy gal. Continue Reading