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How to Dye Fabric – The Do’s & Don’ts

How to Dye Fabric - The Do's & Don'ts - As I mentioned earlier this week, we spent the weekend working on a basement project which involved drapery panels from IKEA. It’s easy to use inexpensive curtains that fit the budget if you’re going for a minimalistic or neutral look, but when it comes to color- let’s be honest… IKEA doesn’t have a great range of colors to choose from. After bringing home three different options and not really loving any of them, I thought- “I should just dye them”. Yes, it sounds a little intimidating to mix a custom color and manipulate fabric or textiles to produce your envisioned outcome, but it’s really not as difficult as you might expect. Click through for an easy tutorial, and a few “do’s and don’ts”. I’ve had plenty of both over the years and it’s about time I shared! You can also catch a sneak peek of my finished drapery in the basement.  Continue Reading

5 Ikea Items That Caught My Eye -
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5 Ikea Items That Caught My Eye

During the holiday weekend, Emmett and I focused our attention on the basement and phase one of making it a cozy, livable environment. After moving, we literally just shoved our existing living room furniture down there and it looked…

15 Home Staples I Buy From IKEA -
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15 Home Staples I Buy From IKEA

I made a trip to IKEA earlier in the week for drapery panels and a ceiling mount track for our guest bathroom shower curtain (I shared on stories, if you follow along). The ceiling mount shower curtain DIY, as…

diy projects

Budget Storage Banquette / Bench DIY

I’ve seen my fair share of amazing IKEA hacks that have been known to save the budget without compromising the aesthetic. I’m here to share one more to add to your interior bag of tricks. This storage banquette or…

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Our entryway has been completed for quite some time now. I wish I had before photos of this space to share. Since I don’t, I’ll paint a vivid image for you: red chinoserie wallpaper, green and white tiled floor, and the largest collection…