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10 Pro Painting Tips (+ A Giveaway)

10 Pro Painting Tips (+ A Giveaway) - Emmett and I have been renovating for almost a decade and the one task I’ve done more than any other is paint. Over the years, I’ve picked up a lot of professional paint tricks and thought it might be helpful to share my favorites with you. Maybe your future paint projects can benefit from some of my tips! From cutting in a clean & crisp line to minimizing brush strokes and cleaning & keeping your tools in great condition- this post is one to save if you have paint projects on your to-do list. I also teamed up with Purdy to host an awesome giveaway that includes a brush set and a paint consultation with yours truly (me)! Click through for the details…  Continue Reading

How to Paint a Door -
diy projects

How to Paint a Door

Each time I tackle a painting project, I get a LOT of questions in regard to my method. Paint is an easy, inexpensive way to transform your home, but the process can sometimes be confusing. I paint a lot of…

How to Upholster the Seat of a Chair -
diy projects

How to Upholster the Seat of a Chair

A couple weeks ago I took you thrifting with me and you might remember I brought home this cute cane back chair on casters. For $20, I bought it with the intention of reupholstering the seat cushion and I…

How to Hide Light Fixture Cords -
diy projects

How to Hide Light Fixture Cords

The living room sconce was a great budget find, but Emmett and I had always planned to modify it and hardwire the fixture when the time came to open the doorway between the kitchen and living room. Let’s just say,…

diy projects

A Beginner’s Guide to Wallpapering

A few weekends ago I had my first experience with wallpapering (those of you who follow me on Instagram stories may have seen some behind-the-scenes action). Sarah and Emmett had already warned us about their first experience putting up wallpaper…