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5 Ways to Love Being Home Right Now

5 Ways to Love Being Home Right Now - Hi friends, how are you doing? I feel like I need to check in to see how everyone is holding up during these crazy times. I know most of us are social distancing and sheltering in place…. spending all this time at home really changes our perspective, doesn’t it? I think it’s so important to focus on ways to love being home right now while we ride this out. Emmett and I have been trying to make the most of this and take it as an opportunity to spend quality time together, tackle projects we’ve been putting off, and focus on better self care. I spend a lot of time at home anyway, and I work from home (I’m so thankful my small business is doing ok- thanks to YOU), but I often think about everyone who is adjusting to a “new normal” these days. It had me thinking about how now, more than ever, home should be our happy and safe place. Maybe you don’t love everything about your home and there are some things you would like to change and update, but here are 5 ways to love your home right now. Click through for my 5 “home gratitude” tips, if you’re also trying to make the most of the situation, while keeping a positive outlook. These really helped my mood…  Continue Reading