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The ‘Home Alone’ House (+ An Architecture Chat)

The 'Home Alone' House (+ An Architecture Chat) - It happens every December… the snow starts to fall here in Salt Lake City, I decorate our home exterior for the holidays, then proceed to share plenty of photos & videos of our house looking pretty covered under a blanket of snow, only to receive hundreds of messages with the same observation: “Your house looks strikingly similar to the Home Alone house!” We get this ALL the time (even from neighbors), and it’s honestly a wonderful compliment I love hearing. Let’s be real- that Chicago house in the movie is beyond beautiful. Anyway, in the spirit of Christmas, I thought it would be fun to analyze the Home Alone house together, shed some light on colonial architecture, and make some interesting exterior comparisons. Click through to talk about the famous Christmas movie house and colonial architecture with me (I promise it will be fun and educational!)…  Continue Reading