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10 Holiday Posts To Inspire & Bring Cheer (…A Bit Early)

10 Holiday Posts To Inspire & Bring Cheer (...A Bit Early) - I know I’m early to begin posting about holiday decor and festive things of that nature, but hear me out- everyone seems to be on board with beginning a little early this year, and while I’m holding off on decorating our home for a bit longer, I figured I’d post some holiday goodness for those of you who might enjoy some cheer and inspiration today! Sound like a plan? Do you want to know an industry secret (in the blogosphere)? Because my job and income relies on the internet and social media… I have to think about techy things- like algorithms and SEO (admittedly not my favorite part of my job). It can take up to a couple months for SEO to catch up. You might see something floating around Pinterest I pinned awhile ago. Therefore, while seasonal posts may seem premature at times- this ensures I’m doing a standup job to hopefully reach and connect with more people. Ready or not- holiday, here we come! There is also snow in the forecast here this week, so I’m embracing it. All of that to say, thank you for sticking with me and my less-than-traditional timeline (whether you’re decorating early or not), and for taking the time to read, share, and engage… it’s the reason I have a job, so THANK YOU very much! I hope this post puts you in a happy mood! I certainly had fun compiling this one. Click through for 10 of my favorite holiday posts from the past that can’t be missed…  Continue Reading