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15 Posts Containing My Best Design Advice

15 Posts Containing My Best Design Advice - Sometimes I forget just how many blog posts I’ve shared over the past decade. It’s also crazy to think I’ve been posting here on the blog for nine years! Time flies. Last week, I had an interview with a journalist (shoutout to Laura for being so lovely!) who works for Annie Selke. We spent about an hour on the phone together and she asked me such thoughtful questions about my career, design background, and how this blog came to fruition all those years ago. She said one thing that immediately struck her early in our conversation was my passion for sharing topics centered around design education. She asked my favorite outlet for sharing design inspiration and snippets of my home… of course I replied here on the blog. Why? It feels like our place… the right place for posts like that to live. It’s a permanent, searchable resource where I have the freedom to share & chat with friends and home enthusiasts as I please. It’s also a place you can always come back to for information and inspiration. Unlike social media stories that disappear, have time constraints, or are at the mercy of an algorithm, if I’m putting in my time & effort to share- I’ve always wanted to do it wholeheartedly on a platform that feels like my own. Anyway… our conversations got me thinking. I’ve been listening to and reading snippets from others in my field that state blogs are on their way out. I actually agree and it’s reflected here in my own data, but this special place still feels right for me. It still feels like the best place for informative, fun, and educational resources to live (permanently).

In that spirt, I pulled together my favorite design posts from the archives for you. These posts contain my very best interior advice! Whether you’re struggling to choose the right paint color, need help with floor planning, can’t decide on furniture, or are just looking for some design inspiration… definitely scroll through some of these past posts or pin them for later. They’ll be here whenever you’re ready to tackle that project or need to look back for advice. There are a lot of good ones worth revisiting- or maybe you missed some of these the first time around. Click through for my personal favorites… and thanks for continually showing up to read and say hello! As Laura said, this personal place feels like a community and collection of valuable resources, which is truly the highest compliment. I’ll be sure to share the interview and our conversation once it’s available!  Continue Reading