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Cookie Swap : Classic Butter Sugar Cookies

Cookie Swap : Classic Butter Sugar Cookies - You guys are in for a real treat. It’s my second annual Blog Hop Cookie Swap and there are sooo many good recipes to share & save this year! This holiday, I wanted to share a cookie recipe I’ve been making for over three decades with my grandmother. It’s certainly near and dear to my heart, but despite the nostalgia- the reason I keep baking these cookies is because how incredible they taste. I actually shared this recipe on the blog wayyyy back in 2014 (as one of my very first posts), but figured since it is my most coveted cookie recipe- it was worthy of being shared for the blog hop. The recipe itself is over 300 years old (seriously), and these cookies are unlike any other sugar cookie I’ve ever tasted- melt in your mouth, delicious (no frosting needed)! Click through for the recipe, to read more about why they’re so special to me, and of course- to see what my design blogging friends made this year! Enjoy. Continue Reading