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If Your Instagram Account Gets Hacked…

If Your Instagram Account Gets Hacked - What a week, friends. Whew! I’m trying to keep my head above water and am playing catch up over here, but today I promised to share more about my IG situation.¬†Last Friday, I found myself in the unthinkable scenario I’ve feared since my career on social media got started… my account got hacked. It was my Room for Tuesday / personal account and the place I’ve shared memories with you for more than a decade. It holds the progress and evolution of our home renovations- for multiple homes we’ve lived in, memories from our travels, photos and videos of our dogs- Cash & Crosby, and our beloved Finn who crossed the rainbow bridge, and has been a place where I’ve documented our life. While it feels like a sacred, personal archive for me, it’s also very much tied to my small business and how I make a living. The moment I knew what was happening, I panicked. I wanted to share how my account got hacked, how I was able to recover it so quickly, and my thoughts & tips for other small business owners who rely on Instagram for income. There’s a lot to unpack and share, so if you’re interested or think this post could be helpful for you- click through! Continue Reading