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Mini Fruit (Pizza) Cookies

Mini Fruit (Pizza) Cookies - If you’ve been following along for awhile now, you probably already know that Emmett and I have been together since we were teenagers. Even during our high school years… each summer, he’d ask me to make fruit pizzas. It’s kind of our festive summer / 4th of July tradition! Here’s the thing though- although delicious… fruit pizza isn’t very convenient or practical. It doesn’t travel well because it’s the size of a pizza, it’s hard to bake a giant sugar cookie crust evenly, and it’s messy to eat because the slices crumble when you pick it up. I switched things up a few years ago and started making “mini fruit pizzas”, and Emmett totally called me out. He said, “sooooo it’s basically a cookie, then?” Ummmm, yeah- I guess? Regardless- they’re delicious, quick & easy to make, travel to barbecues easily, are fun to decorate, and are basically the perfect festive summer treat. Click through for my recipe! Mini fruit pizza cookies > giant fruit pizza. Who is with me?! Continue Reading