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An Honest Review of the GE Cafe Range

An Honest Review of the GE Cafe Range - I’ve been meaning to write this post for awhile now, in hopes to save others money, time, and the trouble of installing a GE Cafe range in their own kitchen. I’ve mentioned it before on Instagram and still receive multiple messages asking for my honest opinion and if this particular range is worth the money (~$6k). In short, I’d say no- but I wanted to give this topic a permanent place to live, so I figured a blog post was in order! Sadly, we’ve experienced multiple issues with our range and I obviously can’t recommend it based on our personal experience. Click through to read my honest review, the issues we’ve had thus far (and how we’ve fixed those issues), as well as some alternative ranges I wish we would have purchased instead.  Continue Reading

interiors & styling

Buying a New Kitchen Range

Is it just me or does homeownership always turn into buying things you don’t really want to buy instead of buying things you do want to buy? Not to mention – the timing is always perfect. A few weeks…