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Design Discussion : Furniture Arranged Against a Wall

Design Discussion : Furniture Arranged Against a Wall - I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I’m kicking off the week with a new Design Discussion post! Who is ready for another controversial chat about interior design? If you missed any of the past posts in the series, you can find my thoughts on installing a TV over a fireplace, my take on installing hardwood flooring in the kitchen, and my preference on stacking laundry units. Our topic for today?! Arranging furniture flush or tight against a wall. When is it ok? Is it ever ok? Does the size of the room impact this rule? Why is it always labeled a faux pas? Can certain furniture pieces live tight to a wall, while others can’t? I’m breaking it down in this post. People tend to be very opinionated on pushing furniture tight against a wall- myself included. Click through to see where I stand and weigh in on the debate!  Continue Reading