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Floral Foraging Challenge

Floral Foraging Challenge - If you follow along on Instagram, you already know… yesterday, my plan was to put together ONE floral arrangement. I ventured around our yard with my gardening shears, a bucket, and a vase to fill. I came back inside with wayyyy more than what would fill my single vase, so I ended up putting together multiple arrangements. What was supposed to be a quick 15 minute creative break in my afternoon turned into today’s blog post. Why? Because it was really¬†fun and much needed. We may be stuck at home right now, but spring is here and it’s beautiful out there, my friends! I thought it would be fun to challenge you guys to join me in foraging your yard or outdoor space to pull together a little vignette that makes you smile today or this week. You in? Get out there, get some fresh air & sunshine, and take a little creative break sometime today. I promise it’s good for the soul. Click through to see my arrangements and get some quick tips! I also share a bunch of favorite vases at the end of this post, if you happen to be on the hunt… Continue Reading