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DIY Food Gifts & Packaging Ideas

DIY Food Gifts & Packaging Ideas - How was your weekend? Between snow and holiday parties, it was pretty festive & fun over here. I know I’ve shared a lot of gift guides, links, and ideas for gift giving this holiday season (hopefully they’ve been helpful), but in my opinion- there is nothing more heartfelt and appreciated than something homemade. I love making holiday treats, whipping up baked goods in my kitchen, and packing up favorites for friends, family, neighbors, and service workers to enjoy. It’s a special and inexpensive way to spread holiday cheer… and I think the presentation can be really beautiful! Clearly I had too much fun in the kitchen last week and over the weekend. I was in the mood to put on music and get festive, so this blog post quickly came to fruition. If you’re behind on shopping this year, are saving money, or just want to get creative at home- click through for lots of DIY food gifts & packaging ideas. These are also ideal (and delicious) for holiday parties, cookie exchanges, favorite things, and secret Santa swaps! Continue Reading