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Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year

Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year -

To say I’m excited to help Sherwin-Williams® announce their Color of the Year for 2019 would be a vast understatement! I feel pretty honored to work with a brand I’ve loved and used for years, and it feels even more surreal that they like my design work enough that they’d ask me to help announce their biggest news of the year. Yep… I’m feeling pretty humbled, not to mention eager for what the year ahead holds for interior design: COLOR. Sure, bright white neutral spaces are lovely and will always hold a place in my neutral-loving heart, but they’re not incredibly challenging to design. They don’t really push my creative limits, make a bold statement, and they’re abundant in the wonderful world of Pinterest. I for one, am ready for something different and am happy to see a switch to deeper colors, earthy organic tones, and hues inspired by nature. Click through for the name of the Color of the Year, to see how I used the color as an accent wall, and to get tips for applying it to your own home!  Continue Reading