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Roundup : Faux Plants & Greenery

Roundup : Faux Plants & Greenery - Let me preface this by saying, I’m a LIVE plant type of person. I prefer real plants to artificial, BUT (you knew there was a ‘but’ coming)… lately I’m struggling. Spring is just around the bend and I’m craving plants & greenery. However, since moving into our new home, I’ve basically killed every single one of our plants. I have one left that is barely hanging on. Even though the house feels and looks bright, we don’t have as much natural light and there are only windows on two sides of the house, which is kind of weird. It’s also not ideal for my sun loving plants. Rather than spending more money on plants that will probably not thrive here, I’m seriously thinking this will be the house I sprinkle in a faux plant here and there. Yes, it makes me kind of sad, but any “plant” is better than no plant at all. You know me- it HAS to be convincing though. I’ve started my search and am sharing my finds… Continue Reading

How to Create a Trader Joe's Floral Arrangement -
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How to Create a Trader Joe’s Floral Arrangement

I’ll start by saying this post is NOT sponsored. It was actually a frequently requested topic after I shared some floral arrangements on Instagram awhile back. As promised, I created a tutorial for assembling inexpensive, easy, floral arrangements- all…