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Tuesday Made Vintage Rug Sale

Tuesday Made Vintage Rug Sale - It’s no secret vintage rugs are my FAVORITE. They’re made of natural materials (like wool, cotton, and silk), they add a ton of character, color, texture, & pattern to any space, and they’re as durable as it gets, so they can live anywhere. My favorite design aspect of having our shop, Tuesday Made, has been curating beautiful vintage rugs to share with you. They’re just so special! Emmett always finds me admiring my beauties in our “rug room” at the office, where they hang on racks. It’s just my thing- my happy place… even though it smells like a sheep given the amount of wool in the space. Haha! I convinced Emmett (the financial brains behind our business) to let me have a GIANT rug sale this week! Click through for the discount code for 20% off all of our vintage rugs, to see my favorites, and to learn more about how I select rugs for our shop and style them throughout our home. Continue Reading