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Warm & Cozy Bedding for Winter

Warm & Cozy Bedding for Winter - It’s that time of year… the season where we swap our textiles, layer on the cozy bedding, and snuggle in for the cold winter months ahead. I actually really look forward to changing our bedding this time of year. As the air chills and the snow begins to fall, I enjoy cuddling into our warm flannel sheets each night, getting cozy under wool blankets, and feeling the comforting weight of heavier bedding. This year, I made some bedding updates and thought it would be fitting to share. Today, I compiled a giant roundup of my favorite classic & cozy bedding items for the holiday season and cold winter months, as well as a peek at the new sheets & duvet I picked out for a couple bedrooms here at home. Click through to check it out, if you also have bedding on the brain… Continue Reading

cozy master bedroom for fall and winter with plaid bedding -
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Cozy Bedding Update for the Season

It’s definitely getting colder here in Utah and as we prepare for a (hopefully) snowy winter and the holidays, I’ve been making seasonal changes around the house. One of the biggest updates has been getting new bedding for fall and…

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Sleep Style

Although November has come and gone, I recently learned it was National Sleep Comfort Month. I was excited when I found out that the creative folks at Casper are doing a beauty sleep style challenge. Getting a good night’s sleep is really important to me; I’m the…