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Roundup : The Best Fire Pits & Fire Tables

Roundup : The Best Fire Pits & Fire Tables - It’s finally that time of year where we can comfortably enjoy our outdoor living space and take full advantage of perfect evenings outside. I for one, am welcoming the opportunity to sit fireside with a drink in hand alongside great company! One of the areas that people gravitate toward in our backyard is the fire pit… especially once it gets dark and the stars come out. The chairs around the fire are always occupied and their inhabitants are always the last to leave. It never fails! That’s where the good conversation happens. There’s something magical about the ambiance, warmth, and glow that attract people. I thought it’d be fun to roundup my favorite fire pits, in case any of you are in the market! Continue Reading

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Fireplace DIY

I love the charm and warmth a fireplace adds to a home. It makes an entire room seem more intimate and cozy. Before deciding on our home, we looked at dozens of houses with both functional and non-working fireplaces. For me,…