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10 Ways to Make Your Home Feel More “Finished”

10 Ways to Make Your Home Feel More "Finished" - I love getting reader requests from you because they always result in the best posts! This topic was a reader request that was intriguing to me- one that really made me pause to think about buttoned up spaces and why they feel complete. We’ve already covered the tricky question of… when is a room really finished? I think we can all agree it’s a blurry line. Regardless of what phase your home is currently in, I wanted to share some tips for making your home feel more “finished”… even if it’s far from it. I think this post is also open to interpretation, depending on your plans for your house and how you live in it. Click through for my opinion, to weigh in, and to read about some of my ideas for pulling a space together¬†(even when it’s not totally done)Continue Reading