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Favorite House Plants for 2020

Favorite House Plants for 2020 - I ventured to my local greenhouse (Cactus & Tropicals, for those of you who live in Salt Lake) yesterday to grab a bunch of plants for Emmett’s office project I’m working on (I’ll share all of that in a blog post soon). It had been wayyy too long since I had been plant shopping, so while I was there- I snapped a bunch of plant photos and thought they were worth sharing. Click through to see my favorite house plants for 2020… there are some familiar ones, as well as new options & ideas to add to your interior plant collection in the coming year. Continue Reading

How to Repot a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
plants & gardening

How To Repot A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

With spring in the air, I’ve received more plant inquiries than normal and one question in specific… you guys want to know how to repot a fiddle leaf fig tree. They really can be tricky plants and you don’t want…

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Dining Room Concept

Since I recently upholstered my vintage Breuer chairs, I’m finally motivated to finish my dining room. I have a few things left to purchase, but it’s shaping up and I’m in the homestretch! Here’s a little collage that shows how…

plants & gardening

Favorite Planters

I’m a big fan of using plants to enhance the aesthetic of my home, both indoors and out. I love stumbling across super cool vintage planters – so much so that I’ve kind of started collecting them the past few years without even realizing…

plants & gardening

Favorite Houseplants

If you follow along on Instagram, it’s no secret that I really enjoy houseplants. My obsession began when I started collecting vintage planters. Not only do they add visual interest to your home, there are a ton of benefits…