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Roundup : White Ceiling Fans

Roundup : White Ceiling Fans - Love them or hate them, ceiling fans are often necessary in some homes and climates. We’re a pro ceiling fan household… mostly because I’m married to Emmett and Utah is HOT in the summertime. As a designer, I’ll be the first to tell you- I’d much rather install a beautiful light fixture, but ceilings fans are functional and I promise, you can make them blend in a way that feels aesthetically pleasing. Over the years, I’ve become accustomed to sleeping with our ceiling fan turned on (again thanks to Emmett), and I’ll admit- it’s really nice for air circulation. In the summer months, it pretty much stays on all the time. We’ve always had a ceiling fan in our master bedroom. My sister called me yesterday (nearly ready to move into her new home) and asked, “Is 2016 really the last ceiling fan roundup you’ve shared?!” … obviously that’s unacceptable. Haha! She is on the hunt for five(!) fans for her new home and I promised her a big, updated roundup today. Click through for my thoughts on ceiling fans, how to make them feel more “designerly” in your home, and of course that promised roundup of my favorites.  Continue Reading

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Sarah’s Living Room

Let’s talk about tricky spaces. There’s always one room in a house that proves to be a challenge. My living room happens to be one of these odd design dilemmas. Here’s the issues I have with this space: there…

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Preparing a Guest Room

Whether you’re the one hosting your family or traveling to stay with your loved ones this holiday, here are some helpful tips for preparing a guest room your company will appreciate! Chances are, your family is easy to entertain and…