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Jacqueline’s Powder Room Reveal

powder room reveal Hey guys! It’s Jacqueline, checking in to give you a long overdue look at our completed powder room. We have been about 90% done with this room since November and have been dragging our feet to finish it ever since. This is one of the last projects to tackle in our home… for some reason we saved both bathrooms for last. However, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t one of the worst rooms in the house when we first bought it (I’ve included a before image below to prove it). Believe it or not, we lived with this space which sits right off of our main living room for FOUR years before touching it. How? I don’t know. In my mind I turned a blind eye toward it, but every time we had visitors over and they had to use, it I cringed. We even had friends joke that they wanted to buy the vanity and sink from us when we renovated. I’m happy to say both of those pieces are long gone and I’m feeling much better about guests using the powder room when they are over for a visit. See more of the completed space including links for everything below!

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