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DIY Bath Caddy Tray

DIY Bath Caddy Tray - Years ago, I used to write for a design blog that was hosted by Caesarstone- the quartz countertop company. I actually used to blog and write for lots of companies, as a way of getting my foot in the door. Anyway- for Caesarstone, I would share a monthly project, tutorial, or chat about a design topic of my choosing. I’ve recently learned that their online publication I used to write for is no longer active, and therefore- I’ve received lots of messages from people interested in our tackling DIY projects I shared in the past that are no longer available. The one I’ve received the most requests for is our DIY bath caddy tray. I figured this was a project worth revisiting and giving a permanent place to live here on my blog. Maybe you were following along when I shared this project back in 2017? Perhaps it’s a “new to you” project, which is cool! I still have and use this bath tray that Emmett built for me… in fact- it sees quite a bit of use! It fits our guest bathtub perfectly, and I’m always pulling it out of the linen closet to hold my laptop, a drink, or bath products. If you’re curious how he made it, click through. There are also some stunning images from our previous bathroom– I still adore that tiny space! Continue Reading