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Roundup : Task Lamps

Roundup : Task Lamps - Let’s talk task lamps! Much like hand soaps, desk lamps are another item I have a weakness for. Perhaps it’s the hinged arm or their convenient functionality, but I enjoy a good looking lamp sitting atop my desk or workspace. I figured a roundup was in order! Even if your office, studio, or workspace isn’t as organized or beautiful as you’d like it to be at this current point in time (like mine), having a nice task lamp makes it feel more luxurious- I swear. Click through to see what I found…  Continue Reading

The Best Table Lamps Under $200
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The Best Table Lamps Under $200

Hey guys! Jacqueline here. In my opinion, lighting is one of the most important aspects of design- and it can really make or break a room. I’m not a fan of overhead lighting, so I’m all about using lamps…