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Our Entryway & Staircase Plan

Our Entryway & Staircase Plan - We’re moving right along with my home office renovation, but during the downtime (while waiting on materials)– I jumped head first into our entryway design plan. Our entryway footprint actually works pretty well for our home. Rather than reinventing the wheel, our plan is to make cosmetic updates, switch out finishes, add millwork, and focus on functionality. We’ll be installing tile, reworking our staircase, revamping the millwork, and of course I’ll style everything once we’re finished renovating. Click through to read about my plan for the space and to see how it has already evolved since we moved in. I’m excited this one!
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Designing My Office Built-Ins -
interiors & styling

Designing My Office Built-Ins

I promised more posts around my home office renovation, and while it’s moving pretty slow- I finally have the built-in design plan nailed down! That was something many of you expressed interested in seeing, so I’m packing all of…

Guest Bedroom Design Plan -
interiors & styling

Guest Bedroom Design Plan

Hi all! I hope you had great weekend. This was the project I discussed in my Noteworthy post last Friday, so I figured it would be fun to elaborate and share my plan for our guest bedroom. We actually…

Look for Less : Our Living Room -
interiors & styling

Look for Less : Our Living Room

How was your Easter weekend, friends?! It was kind of weird this year since we’re all sheltering in place, but we had a good weekend and found ways to celebrate, nonetheless. I’ve been getting a lot of requests for…

Powder Bath Makeover Design Plan -
interiors & styling

Powder Bath Makeover Design Plan

I know it probably feels like we have a million bath projects going on right now (and we kind of do), so I figured a blog post was probably a good idea to add some separation and differentiate the…