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10 Design Topics That Elicit Strong Opinions

How to Design A Cohesive Home That Flows - We’ve been having a lot of really amazing design discussions lately, and I enjoy hearing everyone’s perspective, point-of-view, and reasoning for what you like or dislike in your home. If you’ve missed any of our conversations and full blog posts associated with touchy topics like hardwood floors in the kitchen and hanging a TV over a fireplace- to nude art… many of them can be found in this post! I’d also love to hear other areas or design items in your home you have strong feelings toward. Maybe we can chat about them in future Design Discussion posts! Click through for 10 home design topics that are usually controversial.  Continue Reading

Design Discussion : Color Blocking -
interiors & styling

Design Discussion : Color Blocking

 It this month’s Design Discussion post, I wanted to talk about color blocking. It doesn’t seem super controversial, but believe me when I say- the most messages I’ve ever received about a makeover (both positive and negative) was in…